SmartSwapp Beta

Welcome to SmartSwapp's Beta Program. Swapp tasks and save cash - before anyone else!
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About the Program

SmartSwapp is a website and smart phone application that connect users in both local and global platforms and allows them to Swapp tasks with each other.

Two Ways to Swapp

Scenario 1: The On The Spot Swapp

Both users need something done.
Both users are willing to swapp tasks.

Swapp tasks with each other and save on the high costs of personalized labor.

User #1- Needs TV Hung
User #2 Needs Logo Designed

Scenario 2: Solo Swapp

Sometimes you just need a task done, and don’t have time to repay the favor at that very moment. Or you’ll get lucky and end up on the receiving end of a charitable act. It doesn’t always have to be a one-for-one exchange. However, you can later Pay Forward your time and energy to another user, or use your Swapp credit and benefit from a different user helping you keep the good times rolling!

Pay Forward your time now and earn a Swapp credit for when you need it!

User #1 needs yard work done
User #2 does not need a service at this time that User #1 can offer.
User #1 would transfer their Swapp credit to User #2 and then he/she can universally exchange that credit with a completely different user at a later date.

Join our beta and earn all kinds of awesome SmartSwapp prizes!
No good deed goes unnoticed.

Beta Bonuses:

Are you the Topp Swapp? Once you Swapp, you just can’t stop? The user that performs the most Swapps during the beta will earn an iPad because you’re the Topp Swapp!

Do you love telling your friends about the newest app you’ve discovered? Refer your friends to SmartSwapp! By sending the most new users our way, you will earn a Go Pro. Use the "Invite your friends" button on your profile to share your own personalized link that will track the users you've brought to the community.

Will Swappers speak of you in years to come? Are you The Swapper of Legend? Each user can rate the other after the Swapp has been completed, if you have the highest Swapp Score at the end of the Beta you will earn a Fit Bit.

Bug Squashing Champion

A Beta user can choose between Amazon or Air B&B gift cards for all critical bugs found and reported during the Beta.

SmartSwapp Gear as well as other trendy tech gadgets will be available to earn at the completion of the Beta.

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